FLOWSTAR-Energy wind power forecast for the wind turbine at Brockhills Farm

Brockhills Farm turbine location map

What does the forecast show?

The bar graph shows hourly wind power forecasts for four days ahead giving power output for an operational wind turbine with a rated output of 15 kW. The turbine is at Brockhills Farm in a rural area near Inverurie, Scotland (see the map on the right). These predictions enable the turbine owner to plan their energy usage for periods when the power output is high.

How is the forecast made?

The forecast is made using CERC's model FLOWSTAR-Energy. The model accounts for the important effect of the underlying terrain on the airflow and turbulence, predicting local variations which have a significant impact on power output. The forecasts use open data including UK Ordnance Survey 50 terrain data and UK Met Office Datapoint weather forecasts. Power curve data for the Kingspan KW15 turbine was supplied by the manufacturer.

Would you like forecasts for your turbine or wind farm?

Wind energy forecasts using FLOWSTAR-Energy can be set up for both on-shore and off-shore sites anywhere in the UK or across the world. They can consider either individual turbines or multiple turbine wind farms, simulating turbine wakes, their interaction and their effect on the flow field and wind energy resource. We would be delighted to discuss your requirements. Please email forecast@cerc.co.uk for more details.

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