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15 Nov 20172017 ADMS User Group Meetings – presentations are available to download

Following this year's ADMS User Group Meetings, which took place in Birmingham on 1-2 November, electronic copies of the presentations are now available to download from the CERC website User Area. Model users with a valid support contract, including all annual licence holders, are entitled to register for password-protected access to the User Area. To register, or to be reminded of your password, click here.


20 Oct 2017CERC presenting high-resolution forecasting for Hong Kong at CMAS 2017

Dr Christina Hood from CERC will present the latest developments to the ADMS-Urban Regional Model Link (RML) system and its use in a high-resolution air quality forecasting system for Hong Kong at the CMAS conference, 23rd-25th October 2017 (extended abstract available here). The integrated regional and local forecasting system has been developed in collaboration with researchers from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) as part of the PRAISE-HK project. Professor Jimmy Fung from HKUST will talk more about this project in his Plenary presentation on 23rd October. The picture shows contours of high-resolution forecast PM2.5 concentrations for the example domain for 3pm local time on 16th September 2017, using the new ADMS-Urban RML option to interpolate regional model concentrations.


19 Oct 2017Pollution investigation at Wellington Civic Centre

The CERC consultancy team investigated potential sources of high levels of pollution at Wellington Civic Centre offices. In work commissioned by Telford & Wrekin Council, ADMS 5 was used to carry out dispersion modelling of emissions from flues serving the leisure centre adjacent to the offices. CERC determined which sources were responsible for the high pollution levels and supported the design of mitigation measures to tackle the problem.

The modelling required the representation of a complex building arrangement and the calculation of pollution concentrations at both ground-level and elevated locations representing office windows. Modelling of potential mitigation options suggested that a package including changes to flue locations, increased flue heights and renewal of water heater boilers would sufficiently reduce pollution impacts.


12 Oct 2017CERC interviewed live at ESA satellite launch

The Sentinel 5P satellite, the first Copernicus mission dedicated to monitoring our atmosphere, will be launched on 13 October at 09:27 GMT. Mark Jackson of CERC will be giving a short interview during ESA's live webstream coverage of the launch.

You can now watch a video of the interview. Fast forward to 38:10 to see Mark describe the airTEXT air quality forecasts for London. Copernicus forecasts of pollution across Europe are fed into the world-leading ADMS-Urban air quality model to produce the airTEXT street-scale pollution forecasts.

Image Image

10 Oct 2017Air quality impact of a district heat network in Bradford

The CERC Consultancy team investigated the air quality impact of a proposed district heat network in Bradford city centre.

The network will provide heat generated by a new Energy Centre (gas-fired Combined Heat and Power engines and boilers) and two existing biomass boilers, to a number of existing and proposed buildings. As each building is connected to the network, any boiler plant within that building will be shut down.

In work commissioned by Sustainable Energy Ltd, ADMS 5 was used to carry out dispersion modelling of emissions from flues for three scenarios: current; counterfactual (without the proposed heat network) and future (with the proposed heat network).

A complex arrangement of multiple sources and buildings was modelled to calculate pollution concentrations at ground-level and elevated locations, representing residential building facades. The impact was also assessed at Bradford Metropolitan District Council's four city centre AQMAs.

For each modelled scenario, hourly varying emission parameters and pollutant emissions were calculated for each source, based on fuel use and/or energy demand. The damage cost was also calculated.

Follow these links to view the modelled area and contour images in higher resolution.

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