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2 Oct 2013Registration open for user group meetings on Nov 13th (ADMS 5) and Nov 14th (ADMS-Urban & Roads)

We are now accepting registrations for the ADMS 5 and ADMS-Urban and Roads User Group Meetings. For more information, please refer to the User Group Meeting page for more details.

18 Sep 2013Update to CERC's dense gas dispersion model GASTAR now available

A patch update to GASTAR version 3.2.2 is now available. GASTAR is a model for the dispersion of dense gases, which is particularly suited to risk assessment and emergency response applications. It is generally used to model releases of toxic and/or flammable materials due to industrial accidents.

The patch update resolves some minor issues with the model. Users who have valid support will automatically receive a download link to upgrade the model.

28 Aug 2013New version of CERC's EMissions Inventory Tool EMIT 3.2 now available

The new version of CERC's EMissions Inventory Tool EMIT is now available.

EMIT is an invaluable tool that enables storage, manipulation and assessment of emissions data from a variety of sources. Data stored within EMIT can be used in local air pollution studies of toxic pollutants, and is particularly useful for calculating detailed base case, low emission and future emissions scenarios in urban areas. EMIT can also be used to calculate greenhouse gas emissions inventories and to estimate emissions for use in IPPC applications.

EMIT 3.2 contains the 2012 NAEI road traffic emission factors, which incorporate the COPERT 4 (version 8.1) NOx emission factors, in addition to recent fleet data. Full details of the new features included in this release are given in the What's New in EMIT 3.2? document.

23 Jul 2013Asthma UK recommends use of airTEXT to London asthma sufferers

David Hiles of Asthma UK suggests London asthma sufferers should use airTEXT forecasts. See article on the BBC Health News website.

19 Jul 2013EFT version 5.1.3 and EFT version 5.2c

ADMS-Urban and ADMS-Roads version 3.1 contain the emission factors from version 5.1.3 of the Emission Factor Toolkit (developed by Bureau Veritas, the Highways Agency, Ricardo-AEA and Transport for London on behalf of Defra and the Devolved Administrations).

CERC have been advised by the LAQM Helpdesk that 'there are no major changes in core emissions between 5.1.3 and 5.2c, just very minor tweaks'. When asked to comment on whether or not it was necessary for CERC to update the ADMS-Urban and ADMS-Roads software to include the EFT v5.2c emission factors, the LAQM Helpdesk stated 'we would recommend changing the ADMS emission factors when the next version of the spreadsheet comes out with new emission factors from COPERT, which we anticipate happening later this year'. Consequently, the next release of ADMS-Urban and ADMS-Roads, due for release in autumn 2013, will not include the EFT 5.2c emission factors.

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