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26 Feb 2016FLOWSTAR-Energy: a high resolution air flow model for wind farm assessments

Flowstar-Energy is an exciting new software product from CERC; it is a practical, high resolution model that simulates air flow and turbulence over flat or complex terrain, including the effects of stratification, variable surface roughness and wind turbines in operation. FLOWSTAR-Energy is an extended version of CERC's FLOWSTAR model of flow over complex terrain; it provides the flow field and turbulence output familiar to FLOWSTAR users and in addition provides a range of essential outputs for wind farm planning, including estimates of free stream, gross and net energy yields. The model simulates wind turbine wakes, their interaction and their effect on the flow field and wind energy resource. FLOWSTAR-Energy can be used at scales from 5 metres up to 60 kilometres and for both onshore and offshore sites. The picture shows a map of the predicted wind speed within an offshore wind farm.


10 Feb 2016Model Evaluation Toolkit Version 4.0 now available

CERC's Model Evaluation Toolkit is a free toolkit for the evaluation of local and regional air quality forecasting models. It uses openair tools to create report-ready graphs and statistics, assesses model performance in terms of concentration, forecast index and alert accuracy, it supports a range of modelled data formats including ADMS PST files and it includes a facility to automatically download and import Londonair and UK AURN monitoring data.

Version 4.0 of the Toolkit was released in January 2016 and is now available to download from the Model Evaluation Toolkit web page. This version of the Toolkit has a completely new user interface; the RGGRunner program is no longer used to run the Toolkit. The picture shows the new user interface for the Model Evaluation Tool. Please see the 'What's New in Version 4.0?' document for a complete list of all the new features and improvements in Version 4.0 of the Model Evaluation Toolkit.

8 Feb 2016Winter 2015/16 editions of CERC model newsletters now available

Catch up on model news including the latest modelling tips and helpdesk notes in the Winter 2015/16 editions of ADMS 5 News and ADMS-Urban and ADMS-Roads News which are now available to download.

3 Feb 20162016 ADMS User Group Meeting dates are 9th and 10th November

The 2016 User Group Meetings will be held in London on 9th and 10th November.

  • ADMS 5 User Group Meeting: 9th November
  • ADMS-Urban and ADMS-Roads User Group Meeting: 10th November

These meetings will include the usual mix of presentations by CERC staff and software users and are the ideal opportunity to hear the latest news and advice on new model features. Users with a valid support contract are entitled to one or two delegate places free of charge depending on the type of licence held. Please contact CERC if there is a topic you would like to be covered at one of the meetings or if you would be willing to give a 'user view' presentation. More details will be published later in the year; registration will open online in the Autumn.

28 Jan 2016Exciting changes to the airTEXT website

Some great features have been added to the airTEXT website:

  • The 'Air Quality Maps' page now shows air quality forecast maps created by ADMS-Urban at 7m resolution across London for all 3 days of the forecast, on a familiar Google Maps background with optional local authority boundaries
  • The new 'Air Quality Alerts' page summarises the airTEXT air quality alert status across London up to 3 days ahead, showing regions and local authorities that have an alert in place
  • In the main header, there is now a colour-coded banner that gives an at-a-glance summary of the air quality alert status
  • The 'Local Bulletins' page shows air quality, UV, pollen, and temperature forecasts for each local authority and region
  • We've given the 'About' pages a revamp, explaining what airTEXT is and how the forecasts are generated, and providing comparisons of recent forecasts with observed pollution levels to assess the accuracy of the forecasts

We hope visitors to the website will agree that it's a significant step forward for the airTEXT website. Let us know what you think by emailing us at forecast@cerc.co.uk.

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