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18 Dec 2015ADMS-Urban 4, ADMS-Roads 4 & ADMS-Airport 4 released

The latest editions of the world-leading ADMS-Urban, ADMS-Roads & ADMS-Airport are now available.

ADMS-Urban is the comprehensive system for modelling air quality in large urban areas, cities and towns. ADMS-Roads is designed for investigating air pollution problems due to networks of roads that may be in combination with industrial sites, for instance small towns or rural road networks. ADMS-Airport is designed for the management of air quality of airport sites, including allowance for all relevant emission sources at airports and algorithms designed specifically to model dispersion from aircraft engines.

This release contains a number of new features and model options, notably:

  • Advanced street canyon model option
  • Tunnels model option
  • New import/export feature, compatible with ADMS and EMIT
  • New tools to manipulate source groups
  • Significant new features for the ADMS Mapper

See the What's New document for comprehensive coverage of all changes and new features. Users of these models with current support will shortly receive the new version free of charge. Further information and prices can be found on our website.


7 Dec 2015Dispersion modelling for the Industrial Revolution

Dr Stephan Heblich and Dr Yanos Zylberberg, economics researchers at the University of Bristol, are investigating the impact of industrial pollution during the Industrial Revolution on the social structures of English cities.

To inform the research, CERC has run ADMS 5, using statistical meteorological data, to allow Dr Heblich and Dr Zylberberg to generate pollution footprints for over 50 English towns and cities at the peak of the Industrial Revolution. The results of the research are expected to be published next year.


17 Nov 2015Annual ADMS User Group Meetings attract record attendance

A record number of users of CERC's ADMS 5, ADMS-Roads, ADMS-Urban and ADMS-Airport air pollution dispersion models gathered last week in Manchester for the annual ADMS User Group Meetings. Delegates enjoyed a packed programme of presentations from CERC and guest speakers from ARUP, TRL, SEPA, Fichtner Consulting Engineers, Lithuanian EPA, AECOM and Wiser Environment. All the presentations are now available to download in PDF format from the CERC website User Area. Access to the User Area is password-protected and is available to model users holding either a valid annual licence or a permanent licence with a valid support contract; click here to register for the User Area.

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