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29 May 2013Annual report available

The CERC 2011-2012 annual report is now available for viewing. For reports in previous years, please visit the About us page for details.

21 May 2013CERC takes part in Offshore Wind Accelerator Programme

CERC is currently working for the Carbon Trust to develop a mesoscale modelling approach to the investigation of offshore wind farm wake effects, as part of the Offshore Wind Accelerator (OWA) Programme.

The main objective is to investigate the capability of a mesoscale modelling approach to estimating long-range wake effects from offshore wind farms, i.e. the ability to predict the influence of one wind farm on the yield of another.

As part of this work, CERC has completed a review of candidate mesoscale models, covering their main features, advantages and disadvantages relevant to their offshore use.

CERC, together with Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, is currently working on setting up and running the mesoscale model WRF, in conjunction with CERC’s wind farm wake version of ADMS developed during the TOPFARM project, to calculate wind speed, turbulence and wind farm power output, over a simulation period of one year.

1 May 2013airTEXT forecasts updated implementation of UK Daily Air Quality Index (DAQI)

The airTEXT forecast service for London has been updated in keeping with the updated implementation of the UK Daily Air Quality Index (DAQI). On 24 April Defra published minor changes to the index to bring it fully into line with EU Limit Value concentrations. The airTEXT forecasts have been updated today to take account of these changes. For more information on the DAQI changes see the Defra report which is available on the UK-AIR Library.

25 Apr 2013ADMS 5 Service Pack 1 now available, advanced features include impact of wind tubines on dispersion

We are pleased to announce that ADMS 5 Service Pack 1 has been released. This service pack contains additional advanced features including impact of wind turbines on dispersion that were not available in the original ADMS 5 release. In general there will be no significant change in model results between the initial release of ADMS 5 and ADMS 5 SP1. Any exceptions to this are noted in the What's New document. Users who have a valid support contract will receive a download link for the latest upgrade within the next few days.

For more information about the new features of ADMS 5 SP1, please refer to the What's New in ADMS 5 document for details.

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