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Management team

Managing and technical director

David Carruthers, PhD, david.carruthers@cerc.co.uk

David has a PhD on Atmospheric Physics from University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology. He joined CERC in 1987 and became a director in 1997. He is an expert in environmental fluid dynamics and atmospheric dispersion and has co-authored over 100 papers. David has led CERC's model development and has been at the forefront of scientific and policy related discussion on atmospheric dispersion both in the UK and internationally. In addition, he has participated in US EPA Modelling Conferences and has presented the ADMS models internationally for government approval. He has directed numerous projects for government departments and agencies, industry and in conjunction with universities. He was a member of the UK Government's Air quality Expert Group for 20 years.

Financial director

Tim Newton, MBA, MIMgt, ACA ATII, tim.newton@cerc.co.uk

Tim received his MBA from Cranfield School of Management Studies. He has overseen CERC's finance and accounting as well as being responsible for legal and contractual issues since the founding of the company.

Emeritus Chairman

Professor Julian Hunt, FRS, FIMA, F Roy Met Soc

Julian is one of the founders of CERC and acted as a Director from it is inception until 2021 and as Chairman from 2001 until 2021. Julian was a Professor of Fluid mechanics at University of Cambridge and more recently a Professor of Climate Modelling and Honorary Professor of Mathematics at University College London. He was Chief Executive of the UK Meteorological Office from 1992 to 1997.

His numerous research studies in the field of fluid dynamics have included such topics as turbulent and stratified flows, complex atmospheric flows and dispersion. These have been used for many practical applications (e.g. building design, wind energy generation, air pollution modelling, modelling airport winds).

Associate directors

Tricia Gilmour, PhD, patricia.gilmour@cerc.co.uk, Associate Director (Training)

Tricia has a PhD in Geophysics from University of Cambridge and joined CERC in 1998. She is responsible for managing training, workshops and company I.T., and designs CERC's training courses and their corresponding training material.

Jonathan Handley, PhD, jonathan.handley@cerc.co.uk, Associate Director (Software)

Jonathan has a PhD in Theoretical Physics from University of Nottingham and joined CERC in 1991. He has extensive programming experience, and works on programming aspects of CERC's products including quality control. He has been involved in the development of bespoke dispersion models for customers, as well as being the main developer and technical liaison contact for CERC's dense gas dispersion model, GASTAR.

Martin Seaton, PhD, martin.seaton@cerc.co.uk, Associate Director (Software)

Martin has a PhD in Applied Mathematics from University of Cambridge and has worked in CERC since 2006. Martin manages the development of scientific model code and documentation for the ADMS suite of air dispersion models. He has also been involved in the development of bespoke models and scientific modules for clients including government departments and industry sectors.

Amy Stidworthy, MSc, amy.stidworthy@cerc.co.uk, Associate Director (Forecasting and Data Services)

Amy has a Master's degree in Weather, Climate and Modelling from the University of Reading. She joined CERC in 1999. Amy leads CERC's forecasting services, and has extensive experience of air pollution modelling and evaluation. Her team maintains and supports our existing services and develops new services for clients. Amy's background is in ADMS model development, model evaluation and data analysis. Amy also leads CERC's subcontract to support the 'User Intelligence' aspects of the EU's Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service. Together with Martin Seaton, Amy is responsible for co-organising CERC's annual ADMS User Group Meetings.

Jenny Stocker, PhD, jenny.stocker@cerc.co.uk, Associate Director (Research)

Jenny has a PhD from University of Manchester in Applied Mathematics. She joined CERC in 2000. Jenny leads a team that works on a range of Research and Development projects relating to air pollutant emissions, atmospheric dispersion modelling and related aspects of air flow and chemistry. Taking both project management and technical roles, Jenny has collaborated with multiple university departments and government organisations in the UK and overseas. She is co-author of over 45 peer-reviewed articles.

Sarah Strickland, MSc, sarah.strickland@cerc.co.uk, Associate Director (Consultancy)

Sarah has a Master's degree in Applied Meteorology from University of Reading. She joined CERC in 1997. She is CERC's Consultancy Manager with responsibility for projects for government and commercial organisations, including many with a focus on emission inventories and modelling using ADMS models, EMIT and GIS tools.

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