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Aviation and air quality

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CERC provides consultancy services on aviation and air quality to national and local government, airport operators and consultancies.

We have analysed emissions and modelled air quality at London Heathrow, Amsterdam Schiphol and Singapore Changi, together with a number of smaller airports. CERCís Director David Carruthers was a technical expert on the UK Department for Transport (DfT) air quality modelling panel for the Project for the Sustainable Development of Heathrow, and we were commissioned by DfT to conduct the air quality modelling for that project.

We use our Emissions Inventory Toolkit EMIT to compile comprehensive emissions inventories for local and international airports, to provide a baseline for emissions analysis and/or air quality modelling for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

We carry out air quality modelling using our model ADMS-Airport, which is based on ADMS-Urban with the addition of aircraft sources, which are modelled as jets.

CERC also conducts research into the impact of aviation on air quality.

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