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CERC’s consultants are highly experienced in evaluating the performance of environmental models, at a range of spatial and temporal scales, against measured data. We have expertise in using a range of graphical and statistical methods to determine model performance for both long-term assessments and short-term forecasts.

In our drive to continually improve the ADMS dispersion models, our software is subjected to regular validation against measured data from tracer experiments, wind tunnels and real-life situations, as well as comparisons with other air quality models.

Our air quality consultancy routinely includes an element of model validation, carried out against measured data where available.

CERC has published many academic papers describing our model validation work. Our experience is recognised internationally: we have a key role advising the EU’s FAIRMODE group, which is developing the DELTA tool for the evaluation of air quality models. As part of the EU’s PASODOBLE project, CERC led a team of European partners looking specifically at local air quality forecast model evaluation; the work led to the development of CERC’s Model Evaluation Toolkit, available free of charge. Model evaluation has been an integral part of the HARMO series of conferences and CERC has participated fully.

CERC are experts in the use of the Model Evaluation Toolkit, FAIRMODE DELTA tool and the openair package of tools for air quality data analysis.

The model evaluation section of the Research page includes further details of model evaluation we have undertaken.

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