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Carbon Capture and Storage modelling

CERC was involved in the ‘CO2 capture Mongstad’ project, a major venture overseen by Statoil Petroleum AS and Gassnova SF (the Norwegian State enterprise for carbon capture and storage).

More information can be found here:

CERC took part in a project to improve the understanding and quantification of the dispersion of degradation products of amines in the atmosphere. Amines can react with other species in the exhaust gas and the atmosphere to produce degradation products (nitrosamines, nitramines) that are potentially harmful.

CERC’s contributions to the project included the development of ADMS to incorporate chemical reaction schemes of the amines and their products, and case studies of dispersion modelling of the amines and their degradation products in the atmosphere. Further modelling was carried out for a range of emissions profiles from Statoil’s testing programme, to determine their impact on air quality.

A summary report from the project can be accessed here, and more details of the amine chemistry modelling can be accessed here.

As a result of the work carried out under this project, ADMS 5 has the capability to model amine chemistry. As an optional extra, model users can assess the impact of emissions due to amine-based carbon capture activities.

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