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Carbon Trust: offshore wind accelerator

CERC is currently working for the Carbon Trust to develop a mesoscale modelling approach to the investigation of offshore wind farm wake effects, as part of the Offshore Wind Accelerator (OWA) Programme.

The main objective is to investigate the capability of a mesoscale modelling approach to estimating long-range wake effects from offshore wind farms, i.e. the ability to predict the influence of one wind farm on the yield of another.

As part of this work, CERC has completed a review of candidate mesoscale models, covering their main features, advantages and disadvantages relevant to their offshore use.

CERC, together with Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, is currently working on setting up and running the mesoscale model WRF, in conjunction with CERCís wind farm wake version of ADMS developed during the TOPFARM project, to calculate wind speed, turbulence and wind farm power output, over a simulation period of one year.

TOPFARM: modelling wind turbine wakes with ADMS 4

EU sponsored project to design and demonstrate a Next generation design tool for optimisation of wind farm topology and operation. The project is particularly concerned with large wind farms, either onshore or offshore, where turbines in the interior are affected by the wakes from upwind turbines in the following ways:

TOPFARM wind speed imageTOPFARM sigma-u image

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  • reduction in turbine inflow wind speed, causing lower energy production;
  • increased turbulence in inflow, causing increased loading and therefore increased fatigue

CERC's role is to develop ADMS 4 to model the wind speed deficit in the wake of a turbine wake as a meandering turbulent plume, and to use ADMS 4's fluctuations model to analyse the turbulent fluctuations generated by the wake meandering, including the interaction between wakes. The ultimate aim is for ADMS 4 to be capable of modelling an entire wind farm, with upwind wakes affecting the source characterisation and dispersion of downwind wakes, and the only required data are the turbine locations, height and diameter, aerodynamic characteristics and meteorological conditions.

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