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CERC develops and licenses world leading software for air quality modelling, complex flows and data analysis.

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ADMS icon ADMS 6
  • Advanced dispersion modelling of emissions from existing and proposed industrial installations
ADMS-Roads icon ADMS-Roads
  • Modelling air pollution due to networks of roads

ADMS-Urban icon ADMS-Urban
  • Comprehensive modelling of air quality in large urban areas, cities and towns at street scale resolution
  • ADMS-Urban integrated into a system providing automated coupling of high resolution modelling with regional meteorological (WRF) and air quality (CMAQ, CAMx, CHIMERE, EMEP and WRF-Chem) models.
ADMS-Airport icon ADMS-Airport
  • Modelling air quality at airports accounting for all relevant emission sources within and in the neighbourhood of an airport
ADMS-Screen icon ADMS-Screen
  • Single source screening model for industrial emissions

  • Compiling and editing atmospheric emissions inventories with links to ADMS

FLOWSTAR-Energy icon FLOWSTAR-Energy
  • Modelling of wind energy and airflow at high spatial resolution for wind farm planning onshore and offshore and other airflow-related applications
  • Modelling dense gas dispersion for accidental releases

  • Modelling the spreading and vaporisation of a liquid spill

ADMSPuff icon ADMS-Puff
  • Modelling dense and passive accidential releases in spatially varying meteorology
  • Advanced modelling of short-term accidental releases

Run Manager icon Run Manager
  • Automatically managing ADMS model runs across a PC network

Run Manager icon ADMS-Forecast
  • Air quality forecasting at the urban and local scale using ADMS-Urban

Model evaluation toolkit icon Model Evaluation Toolkit
  • Free toolkit for evaluating local and regional air quality forecasting models

WRF to MET icon WRFtoMet
  • Extracting ADMS-format meteorological data from WRF mesoscale model output files

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