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Advanced screening tool for industrial emissions

What is ADMS-Screen?

ADMS-Screen is a screening model for air quality calculations. It models dispersion from a single stack to calculate ground-level concentrations, providing rapid assessments of stack height. Comparison with air quality strategy objectives and European Union air quality standards can be made. The model also has an option to include building effects. It can be used to indicate whether further modelling is required.

ADMS-Screen uses the ADMS dispersion code, includes the ADMS Mapper for GIS visualisation and editing, plus a line plotting facility and optional link to Surfer for contour plotting.

Who uses ADMS-Screen?

ADMS-Screen is used by government bodies, private organisations and universities around the world, to provide a quick assessment of the impact of point source emissions.

Why use ADMS-Screen?

ADMS-Screen is an easy-to-use tool for the rapid assessment of the air quality impact of a single industrial stack. It combines the state-of-the-art dispersion modelling algorithms of the ADMS models with a simple user interface requiring minimal input data.

Applications include:

  • initial assessment to determine whether more detailed modelling is required,
  • stack height determination,
  • environmental impact assessments, and
  • safety and emergency planning.

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