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Run Manager

Advanced software for organising CERC model runs

What is Run Manager?

Run Manager is a tool to help users manage their model runs and make the most of their CERC licence(s). It gives greater flexibility by sharing all licensed runs machines across the local area network. Runs can be defined by users on their own licensed user PCs, submitted through Run Manager to be executed at the first opportunity on dedicated runs machines and the results returned to the users on completion.

Run Manager:

  • allows multiple runs to be executed concurrently on a licensed multi-processor PC
  • consolidates processing power for users to share
  • enables users to prioritise their runs
  • allows users to monitor the progress of runs, providing estimated end times
  • provides a centrally-located list of available models, ensuring all users use the same model versions
Set up for Run Manager

This diagram shows an example of several users sharing two runs machines.

Who uses Run Manager?

CERC has been using a version of the Run Manager for over 10 years. It is suitable for use in consultancies, and by city and regional authorities.

Why use Run Manager?

Run Manager enables users to group large urgent ADMS runs to be executed on the most powerful PCs available. It provides an estimate on the time required to complete each model run and allows flexibility on machine allocation when performing multiple project runs. Run Manager can organise and execute runs for all the following models: ADMS, ADMS-Roads, ADMS-Urban and ADMS-Airport.

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