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This page lists various presentations given by CERC at conferences and other technical meetings. These presentations are available for download. The presentations given at the ADMS User Group Meetings are also available from the Download area of CERC’s User Area.

Most online documents are in Portable Document Format (.pdf)—please download Adobe logo Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files if necessary.


  • Aves C and Delaney K,2019:Urban air quality modelling of Dublin.ADMS-Urban and ADMS-Roads User Group Meeting, Oxford, November 2019.(.pdf, 5MB)
  • Baharudin NH, Latif MT, Juneng L, Stocker J and Johnson K,2019:Air Quality Modelling Using ADMS-Urban for Kuala Lumpur Urban Environment.15th International Conference on Atmospheric Sciences and Applications to Air Quality, Kuala Lumpur, October, 2019.(.pdf, 5MB)
  • Delaney K, Stocker J, Williams M and Aves C,2019:Base case air quality modelling for Dublin: context and results.FAIRMODE Technical Meeting, Madrid, October, 2019.presentation online
  • Jackson M,2019:Air Quality Forecasting for Kuala Lumpur.Workshop on Building Disaster and Climate Resilience in Cities, Kuala Lumpur, October, 2019.(.pdf, 3MB)
  • Stidworthy A,2019:Forecasting Manchester's air quality.IEMA World Environment Day Event - Fighting Air Pollution on a Local Level, Manchester, June 2019.(.pdf, 5MB)
  • Stidworthy A, Carruthers D, Jackson M and Stocker J,2019:Deployment of a sensor network in London: outcomes and lessons learnt.FAIRMODE Technical Meeting, Madrid, October, 2019.presentation online
  • Stidworthy A, Stocker J, Carruthers D, Hood C and Jackson M,2019:Using air dispersion models to assess baseline air quality and develop mitigation policies.UK Bilateral Air Quality Forum, University of Bahrain, February 2019.(.pdf, 5MB)
  • Stocker J,2019:Evaluation of explicit NOx chemistry methods in AERMOD using a new compressor station dataset.Guideline on Air Quality Models: Planning Ahead, Durham, North Carolina, March 2019.(.pdf, 2MB)


  • Carruthers D, Seaton M, Johnson K, Stidworthy A and Stocker J,2018:Local modelling of Fluxes and Footprints.FAIRMODE Technical Meeting, Tallinn, June, 2018.presentation online
  • Stocker J,2018:Best practice air quality modelling using ADMS.Routes to Clean Air, Birmingham, October 2018.(.pdf, 2MB)


  • Carruthers D,2017:The importance of meteorology for air quality modelling and analysis - are suitable data available in complex environments?Royal Meteorological Society, Exeter, July 2017.(.pdf, 3MB)
  • Carruthers D and Stocker J,2017:Forecasting Air Quality and Extreme Temperature in Cities.Workshop on Disaster Resilient Cities: Risk Assessment and Forecasting of Geophysical and Atmospheric Hazards, Istana Hotel, Jalan Raja Chulan, Kuala Lumpur, March 2017.(.pdf, 3MB)
  • Hood CM, Stocker JR, Carruthers DJ, Grayson W, Handley J, Fung J and Yeung D,2017:Integrating regional and local modeling to create a high-resolution air quality forecasting system for Hong Kong.16th Annual CMAS Conference, Chapel Hill, NC October 2017.(.pdf, 2MB)
  • Stidworthy, A,2017:Optimising local air quality models with sensor data: examples from Cambridge.Dispersion Modellers User Group, London, April 2017.Presentation online


  • Carruthers D,2016:Developments in modelling building wake effects on dispersion in ADMS.Dispersion Modellers User Group, London, April 2016.(.pdf, 2MB)
  • Hood C,2016:Modelling road tunnels using ADMS-Urban: implementation and validation.UK-US meeting on Air-Quality Modelling and Exposure Science, London, September 2016.(.pdf, <1MB)
  • Smith S,2016:Urban Heat Island modelling with ADMS-Urban: London case study.ADMS-Urban and ADMS-Roads User Group Meeting, London, November 2016.(.pdf, 3MB)
  • Smith SE, Stocker J, Seaton M and Carruthers D,2016:A validation study of the ADMS plume chemistry schemes.17th International Conference on Harmonisation within Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling for Regulatory Purposes , Budapest, Hungary, May 2016.Presentation online
  • Stidworthy A, Stocker J and Carruthers D,2016:Dispersion Modelling Tools for Urban Air Quality and Climate.Albania: Architecture, Public Health & Urban Renaissance Symposium, London, April 2016.(.pdf, 4MB)
  • Stocker J, Ellis A, Smith S, Carruthers D, Venkatram A, Dale W and Attree M,2016:A review of dispersion modelling of agricultural and bioaerosol emissions with non-point sources.17th International Conference on Harmonisation within Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling for Regulatory Purposes, Budapest, Hungary, May 2016.Presentation online
  • Stocker J, Hood C, Mackenzie I, Carruthers D, Doherty R, Malkin T, Whalley L, Heard D and Vieno M,2016:A multi-scale modelling system for studying chemistry and transport.10th International Conference on Air Quality - Science and Application, Milan, March 2016.Presentation online
  • Stocker J, Johnson C and Johnson K,2016:Statistics relating to ‘exceedance situations’ for London. FAIRMODE Technical Meeting, Zagreb, Croatia, June 2016.Presentation online
  • Stocker J, Stidworthy A and Johnson K,2016:Evaluation of Delta Forecasting MQO v5.4 for London.FAIRMODE Technical Meeting, Zagreb, Croatia, June 2016.Presentation online


  • Carruthers D,2015:Developments of ADMS-Urban for complex urban environments: Application to London and Hong Kong.Royal Meteorological Society, May 2015.(.pdf, 4MB)
  • Price C,2015:Odour regulations in Europe – different approaches.Odour measurement, control, reduction measures and monitoring in the Baltic countries, Riga, November 2015.(.pdf, 2MB)
  • Stocker J,2015:An evaluation of ADMS-Urban model performance using real-world emissions estimates.ADMS-Urban and ADMS-Roads User Group Meeting, Manchester, November 2015.(.pdf, 3MB)
  • Stocker J, Carruthers D, Seaton M and Hood C,2015:Detailed near-road dispersion modelling for exposure assessments.International Society of Exposure Science 25th Annual Meeting, Henderson, Nevada, US, October 2015.(.pdf, 4MB)


  • Carruthers D,2014:Enhancing the public's ability to reduce exposure to air pollution and odour through smart dissemination of data and crowd sourcing.Environmental Protection UK, October 2014.(.pdf, 3MB)
  • Carruthers D, Jackson M, Magro G and Williams M,2014:QCumber smart cities project workshop.Smart Cities Workshop, Cambridge, February 2014.(.zip, 5MB)
  • Stocker J,2014:The development and evaluation of an automated system for nesting ADMS-Urban in Regional Photochemical Models.Community Modeling and Analysis System Conference, Chapel Hill, NC, October 2014.(.pdf, <1MB)


  • Attree M,2013:Using the ADMS Mapper.ADMS-Urban and Roads User Group Meeting, Newcastle, UK, November 2013.(.pdf, 3MB)
  • Carruthers D,2013:ADMS-Airport.TEAM_Play User Group Meeting, Brussels, Belgium, February 2013.(.pdf, <1MB)
  • Carruthers D,2013:Wide area analysis using the ADMS model for environmental monitoring and assessment.Foggia, Italy, July 2013.(.pdf, 5MB)
  • Jackson M,2013:airTEXT Cold Weather Alerts for Islington.airTEXT Consortium Meeting, Islington, London, July 2013.(.pdf, <1MB)
  • Jackson M,2013:Carbones.eu: an open-source geoportal for climate science.AGI GeoCommunity Conference, Nottingham, September 2013.(.zip, 56MB)
  • Price C,2013:Dispersion modelling of small CHP and boilers in urban areas.APRIL Emissions Modelling and Measurements sub-group meeting, GLA, London, March 2013.(.pdf, <1MB)
  • Stidworthy A,2013:airTEXT Black Carbon Forecasts for London.Joaquin Coordination Group Meeting, Brighton, June 2013.(.pdf, 3MB)
  • Stidworthy A,2013:Myair Toolkit for Model Evaluation.15th International Conference on Harmonisation within Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling for Regulatory Purposes, Madrid, Spain, May 2013.(.pdf, 1MB)
  • Stidworthy A,2013:Using MACC-II Global Boundary Conditions.MACC-II/GMES-PURE Atmosphere Services User Workshop, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, June 2013.(.pdf, 2MB)
  • Stidworthy A,2013:Validation and Evaluation Tools.Air Quality Workshop, Nice, France, March 2013.(.pdf, 4MB)
  • Stidworthy A and Clift P,2013:airTEXT: Air Quality Forecasts for London.Air Quality Workshop, Nice, France, March 2013.(.pdf, 4MB)
  • Stocker J,2013:Road source model intercomparison study using new and existing datasets.15th International Conference on Harmonisation within Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling for Regulatory Purposes, Madrid, Spain, May 2013.(.pdf, <1MB)
  • Stocker J,2013:What is the modelling community looking for in the next generation of traffic models?APRIL (Air Pollution Research in London) Transport sub-group, City Hall, London, June 2013.(.pdf, 1MB)


  • Stidworthy A (on behalf of the airTEXT consortium),2012:airTEXT: Air Quality Forecasts for London.European Space Solutions, Environmental Monitoring, London, December 2012.(.pdf, <1MB)
  • Stidworthy A,2012:Meteorological data requirements for ADMS.Royal Meteorological Society Workshop, March 2012.(.pdf, 2MB)


  • Carruthers D,2011:Modelling Urban Air Quality using the Street Scale Resolution Atmospheric Dispersion Model ADMS-Urban.School of Architecture, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, December 2011.(.pdf, 4MB)
  • McHugh C,2011:GENESIS: GENeric European Sustainable Information Space for Environment.GLA, London, May 2011.(.pdf, 2MB)
  • Stocker J,2011:ADMS-Urban: Developments in modelling dispersion from the city scale to the local scale.14th International Conference on Harmonisation within Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling for Regulatory Purposes, Kos, Greece, October 2011.(.pdf, <1MB)
  • Stocker J,2011:Developments in dispersion modelling over different spatial scales.UK Dispersion Model Users’ Group Meeting, Friends House, Euston, London, December 2011.(.pdf, <1MB)


  • Carruthers D,2010:The International Most Advanced Atmospheric EIA Technology and Development Trends.The First National Workshop on Atmospheric Environmental Impact Assessment, Harbin, China, Dec 2010.(.pdf, 3MB)
  • Jackson M,2010:The Low Emissions Toolkit.ADMS 4, ADMS-Urban and ADMS-Roads User Group Meeting, Cambridge, October 2010.(.pdf, <1MB)
  • McHugh C,2010:Local Model Evaluation Support.PASODOBLE user meeting, Oberpfaffenhof, Germany, June 2010.(.pdf, <1MB)
  • Stocker J,2010:Air quality, urban heat islands and climate change.Centre for Radiation, Chemical & Environmental Hazards, October 2010.(.pdf, 2MB)
  • Stocker J,2010:Using ADMS to model ammonia from intensive farms.Environment Agency Ammonia Modelling Workshop, Intensive farming EPR Permitting, Solihull, June 2010.(.pdf, <1MB)


  • Carruthers DJ,2009:airTEXT air quality forecasting system.Towards eEnvironment, GMES meeting, Prague, Czech Republich, March 2009.(.pdf, 2MB)
  • Carruthers DJ,2009:Managing and improving air pollution.China Executive Learning Programme, Judge Business School, Cambridge, July 2009.(.pdf, 2MB)
  • Carruthers DJ,2009:UK assessments of air pollution near roadways.US EPA-Environment Agency workshop on Air quality, Chapel Hill, NC, USA, October 2009.(.pdf, 6MB)
  • Carruthers DJ,2009:Urban scale modelling and personal exposure.UK Dispersion Model Users Group, London, November 2009.(.pdf, 1MB)


  • Carruthers DJ,2008:ADMS-Airport and its application to PSDH and the R3/mixed mode consultation for Heathrow.OMEGA International Conference on Airport Air Quality, London, October 2008.(.pdf, 6MB)
  • Carruthers DJ,2008:Air quality forecasting at the Beijing Olympics.Environmental Protection UK, October 2008.(.pdf, 3MB)
  • Carruthers DJ,2008:Developments in ADMS-Airport and its applications to Heathrow airport.Institute of Aviation and the Environment, Cambridge, June 2008.(.pdf, 9MB)
  • Carruthers DJ and Hunt J,2008:ADMS Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling System.US EPA-Environment Agency meeting, London, October 2008.(.pdf, 1MB)
  • Carruthers DJ, McHugh CA, Church S, Jackson M, Williams M, Price C, Lad C and Stidworthy A,2008:ADMS-Airport: model inter-comparison and model validation.12th International Conference on Harmonisation within Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling for Regulatory Purposes, Cavtat, Croatia, October 2008.(.pdf, 4MB)
  • Carruthers DJ and Seaton M,2008:ADMSSTAR, a model of puff dispersion.Presentation to UK ADMLC, Health Protection Agency, September 2008.(.pdf, 1MB)
  • Price C,2008:airTEXT forecasting and alert system for London.Clearer Future Conference, Sheffield, September 2008.(.pdf, 2MB)


  • Carruthers DJ,2007:Dispersion modelling of air pollution in urban areas in the UK (phase 2).Annual Defra AEQ modelling meeting, March 2007.(.pdf, <1MB)
  • Carruthers DJ,2007:Meeting modelling challenges: ADMS 4 and ADMS-Airport.UK Dispersion Model Users Group, September 2007.(.pdf, 9MB)
  • Carruthers DJ,2007:Modelling airport air quality.Safeguarding Airport Air Quality, Manchester, April 2007.(.pdf, 4MB)
  • Carruthers DJ, McHugh CA, Jackson M and Johnson K,2007:Developments in ADMS-Airport to take account of near-field dispersion and applications to Heathrow airport.11th International Conference on Harmonisation within Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling for Regulatory Purposes, Cambridge, July 2007.(.pdf, 3MB)
  • Kilbane-Dawe I,2007:yourAir, developing a local air quality public information service.UK Dispersion Model Users Group, September 2007.(.pdf, 3MB)


  • Carruthers DJ,2006:Intercomparison of five modelling methods including ADMS-Airport and EDMS for predicting air quality at London Heathrow airport.A&WMA Specialty Conference Guideline on Air Quality Models, Denver, CO, USA, April 2006.(.pdf, 3MB)


  • Carruthers DJ,2005:Developments of ADMS.UK Dispersion Model Users Group, London, November 2005.(.pdf, 1MB)
  • Stocker JR, Carruthers DJ, Ellis K and Rogers L,2005:The non-linear relationship between road traffic emissions and pollutant concentrations.10th International Conference on Harmonisation within Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling for Regulatory Purposes, Crete, Greece, October 2005.(.pdf, <1MB)


  • Carruthers DJ, Johnson KL, Stidworthy AL and Blair JW,2004:Modelling air quality scenarios in London, are the EU limit values for NO2 and PM10 achievable?9th International Conference on Harmonisation within Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling for Regulatory Purposes, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, June 2004.(.pdf, 2MB)
  • McHugh CA,2004:The sensitivity of model results to local effects.UK Dispersion Model Users Group, November 2004.(.pdf, 1MB)
  • McHugh CA,2004:Validation of ADMS in modelling short time scales.UK Dispersion Model Users Group, May 2004.(.pdf, <1MB)


  • Kilbane-Dawe I,2002:Understanding and reducing air pollutant and greenhouse gas emissions using EMIT.Sustainable energy, Energy efficiency and environmental solutions 2003, Olympia, London, December 2002.(.pdf, <1MB)
  • Stocker JR, Carruthers DJ and McHugh CA,2002:Recent developments in modelling urbain air pollution and interpreting data.Monitoring ambient air, European perspective on particulates and photo-oxidants, AAMG and Royal Society of Chemistry, London, December 2002.(.pdf, 1MB)


  • Air quality and airports—recent developments.NSCA spring workshop presentation.(.pdf, <1MB)

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