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Below is a list of software prices applicable to the UK, European Union and North America. If you require further details about prices applicable outside these regions, please contact us. If you are ordering from France, Ireland, the Baltic states, Italy, the Netherlands or China please contact our partner in the relevant country.

Software licences, training and support are sold separately, unless stated otherwise.

A 10% discount applies to scheduled standard and one-day refresher training courses, if purchased at the same time as a software annual licence or support renewal. This discount also applies to one-day refresher courses. Training must be booked within 12 months of purchase. For information about training courses, including prices, please click here.

Please note that:

  • ADMS-Roads Extra is an enhanced version of ADMS-Roads. Licence and support costs of ADMS-Roads Extra are an additional 50% to the basic ADMS-Roads prices.
  • ADMS-Urban is usually sold for modelling whole-city, borough or district council areas. Details of the various packages available are given below; please contact us for further information.
  • ADMS-Airport is a comprehensive modelling tool for the management of air quality at airports. Details of annual licence prices are given below; please contact us for further information.

Software licence prices

Two types of licences are available: an annual licence is valid for one year and is inclusive of support for the period covered by the licence; a permanent licence is valid for use indefinitely and support for the first year is covered by the licence.

A single user licence allows use of the software by 1 user at a time; further users can be added at a reduced rate - please contact us for details; a research licence allows use of the software for non-commercial purposes at research and academic organizations; and a teaching licence allows use of the software for teaching purposes at academic institutions.

Software Annual licences Permanent licences
Single user Research Single user Research Teaching
ADMS 5.2.4 1 £1900 £1150 £6150 £3000 price on application
ADMS-Roads 5.0.1 £1900 £1150 £6150 £3000 price on application
ADMS-Roads 5.0.1 Extra £2900 £1725 £9225 £4500 price on application
ADMS-Urban 5.0.1 From £2900 From £2150 price on application (full licence or 300 road sources)2
ADMS-Urban RML 1.4 price on application n/a
ADMS-Airport 5.0.1 From £1310
(3-month licence)
From £970
(3-month licence)
price on application
ADMS-Screen 5.2 £600 £600 n/a
EMIT 3.9 £1350 n/a £3050 £1550 £1370
FLOWSTAR-Energy 5.1 £1000 n/a £3000 £1500 n/a
GASTAR 3.2.2 £1350 n/a £3050 £1550 n/a
LSMS 1.1 £1350 n/a £3050 £1550 n/a
ADMS-Puff 1.4 £2150 n/a £5050 £2550 £2690
ADMS-STAR 1.1 £2150 n/a £5050 £2550 £2690
Run Manager 1.8.1 3 £300 n/a
ADMS Forecast price on application
WRFtoMET 1.4 n/a £250

1 The amine chemistry module for use with ADMS 5 is available upon request. Price on application.

2 A permanent ADMS-Urban licence is only available to municipalities, local authorities, government agencies etc. for use in the specific area where they have jurisdiction or to universities, research institutes etc. for research purposes.

3 A Run Manager licence is tied to the current support contract of your model.

Support prices[top]

CERC provides comprehensive support for its software products as described on the support page.

Annual licences are inclusive of support for the period covered by the licence. Permanent licenses are inclusive of support for the first year after initial purchase. Prices are given below for twelve month support for permanent licence holders from year two onwards. Further users can be added at a reduced rate - please contact us for details.

What does support cover?

Support includes email & telephone helpdesk service, software updates, newsletters, access to the user area. Where appropriate, support also includes free4 attendance at a relevant user group meeting for up to the number of named support persons during the support period.

4 ADMS-Screen licence holders can attend the ADMS UGM for half price.

If there is a gap of more than 6 months in your support this will incur an additional supplement of 50%, plus 50% for each upgrade since the last support purchase. If the gap is less than 6 months the support will be backdated.

Software Support
Single user/Research/Teaching
ADMS 5 £930
ADMS-Roads £930
ADMS-Roads Extra £1395
EMIT £930
FLOWSTAR-Energy £750
LSMS £930
ADMS-Puff £930

Support for ADMS-Urban may include training for two delegates attending the course within the valid support period. Training for other models is sold separately. Five options are proposed.

Software Support contracts
Option Price
ADMS-Urban Excluding training (option a) £1890
Including 2-day standard training (option b) £3260
Including 2-day customised training (option c) £3780
Including 2-day standard training and 1-day customised training* (option d) £3885
Including 3-day customised training (option e) £4455

* 2 days ADMS-Urban, 1 day Emissions Inventory.

All prices exclude VAT.

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