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Technical specifications

All CERC scientific models contain a Technical Summary section in the User Guide, with the exception of the LSMS model, which refers to an associated technical report.

The full technical specification documents for ADMS 5 are available for download via the links given in the table below.

Most online documents are in Portable Document Format (.pdf)—please download Adobe logo Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files if necessary.

Ref. no. Title Download
All ADMS 5 technical specification documents (.zip, 5MB)
P04/05E/12 Standard properties in ADMS (.pdf, <1MB)
P05/01R/12 The Met input module (.pdf, <1MB)
P07/01P/12 Output specification for mean concentration and deposition fluxes (.pdf, <1MB)
P07/04F/12 Calculation of long term statistics (.pdf, <1MB)
P07/05F/12 Calculation of exceedences using the Fluctuations module (.pdf, <1MB)
P09/01W/12 Boundary layer structure specification (.pdf, <1MB)
P10/01X/12, P12/01X/12 Plume/puff spread and mean concentration module specifications (.pdf, <1MB)
P10/02B/12 Stack downwash (.pdf, <1MB)
P11/02P/13 Plume rise model specification (.pdf, <1MB)
P13/01E/92 The Fluctuations Module (.pdf, <1MB)
P13/03C/96 Averaging time and fluctuations in ADMS versions 1 and 2 (.pdf, <1MB)
P13/07F/13 Concentration fluctuations in ADMS 3 onwards, including fluctuations from anisotropic and multiple sources (.pdf, <1MB)
P14/01Q/13 Complex terrain module (.pdf, <1MB)
P15/01I/12 Coastline model - the thermal internal boundary layer (.pdf, 1MB)
P16/01T/13 Modelling of building effects in ADMS (.pdf, <1MB)
P17/06B/95 Sources for radioactive decay data (.pdf, <1MB)
P17/11D/12 Modelling radioactive decay (.pdf, <1MB)
P17/12F/12 Modelling wet deposition (.pdf, <1MB)
P17/13G/12 Modelling dry deposition (.pdf, <1MB)
P18/02I/12 Simple chemistry (.pdf, <1MB)
P20/01M/12 Calculation of γ-ray dose rate from airborne and deposited activity (.pdf, <1MB)
P24/01I/12 Multiple sources, species and particle sizes (.pdf, <1MB)
P25/03I/12 Implementation of area, volume and line sources (.pdf, <1MB)
P26/01G/13 Plume visibility (.pdf, <1MB)
P26/02B/12 Calculation of plume temperature and humidity (.pdf, <1MB)
P29/01C/12 Calculating odour levels (.pdf, <1MB)
Chinese version of the ADMS 3 technical specification (.pdf, 2MB)

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