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All output of the model is in the form of ASCII text, which can be imported into most visualisation packages. For the packages below however, we have programmed automatic links to the ADMS software, so that there is a seamless, integrated flow of data.

While ADMS 6, ADMS-Urban, ADMS-Roads (Extra) and ADMS-Airport are packaged with the ADMS-Mapper, a built-in input and output data visualisation tool, all ADMS modelling software has been designed to work with third party visualisation tools such as Surfer, ArcGIS and MapInfo Professional. This is important for analysis of the model output and for helping with the management of pollution sources and emission inventories. Each visualisation tool is described below.

If you have a particular visualisation package that you would like to use with ADMS data, we may be able to help. CERC staff have worked with a variety of GIS and visualisation tools, and can give guidance on how best to use these.

* These applications should all be obtained from the suppliers.

ADMS Mapper icon

ADMS Mapper[top]

The ADMS Mapper is supplied with ADMS 6, ADMS-Urban, ADMS-Roads (Extra), ADMS-Airport and FLOWSTAR-Energy as a visualisation and editing tool. It allows comprehensive management of input data and can be used to visualise output concentrations.

The Mapper allows ADMS items to be created, edited and displayed graphically, background maps can also be added to the Mapper view. More information about the Mapper can be found in:

  • the ADMS Mapper user guide,
  • a presentation from the ADMS-Urban and Roads 2013 user group meeting detailing the use of the ADMS Mapper,

available from the User guides and Presentations page.

Example ADMS Mapper plot

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Example ADMS Mapper plot 3

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Example ADMS Mapper plot 2

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Surfer is a Golden Software package that can be used to create colour contour plots of output such as concentration and deposition, 3D surface plots of terrain and vectors plots of wind velocity. Contours can be overlaid on digital base maps.

Example Surfer plot

Surfer is a grid-based contouring and three dimensional surface plotting graphics program. It interpolates regular or irregularly-spaced XYZ data onto a grid, and then uses this to produce contour maps and surface plots. Surfer can also be used in combination with ArcGIS to produce plots overlaid on digital base maps.

CERC has developed a utility which facilitates the plotting of ADMS output data in Surfer, and can provide help in generating a wide variety of output. This is provided free with ADMS models and FLOWSTAR-Energy—please contact us for further details.

For more information on Surfer, please visit the Golden Software website.

ESRI logo


ADMS 6, ADMS-Roads and ADMS-Urban all have a link to ESRI's ArcGIS software which allows the user to add new sources, display existing sources and for ADMS-Urban and Roads, to work with the sources in the ADMS emissions inventory database. See the System requirements page for detail about version compatibility.

ArcGIS is a complete desktop GIS solution. It is one of the leading packages for the mapping and analysis of all types of spatial data.

ArcGIS example image 1 ArcGIS example image 2 ArcGIS example image 3

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CERC has developed an extension to ArcGIS, the extension links between the interface of the GIS and the interface on the model, allowing the user to input and display source data geographically or by using text.

For analysing results, ArcGIS can be combined with Surfer to display plots of pollution concentration on any appropriate map backdrop. These contours can then be used as the basis for extensive geographical analysis. ArcGIS is also a key component in the management of emissions inventories for ADMS-Urban.

Spatial Analyst*

ArcGIS's Spatial Analyst can be used to automatically plot contours in ArcGIS and use the data for spatial analysis. ADMS customised tools allow the user to make the contours transparent or create contour lines.

Spatial Analyst is a plug-in for ArcGIS that adds to ArcGIS a complete grid-based contour plotting and surface analysis tool. This replaces Surfer in the system linking ArcGIS to the ADMS models, and provides a more sophisticated set of tools for visualising ADMS output.

For full details of ArcGIS and the Spatial Analyst extension, please visit the ESRI website.

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MapInfo Professional*[top]

The links to MapInfo Professional GIS from ADMS 6, ADMS-Roads and ADMS-Urban have the same features as the links to ArcGIS. The basic MapInfo Professional GIS can be used to plot contours without any add-in and includes the ability to convert to transparent contours. See the System requirements page for detail about version compatibility.

Please visit the Pitney Bowes website for further details.

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