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ADMS-Roads course

Title ADMS-Roads course
Length 2 days


The course aims to introduce the ADMS-Roads software as a tool for assessing air quality near a small road network, using worked examples to develop familiarity with main model input parameters and output, based on modelling small numbers of pollution sources.

The course considers the choice and use of meteorological data with ADMS-Roads, the use of an emissions inventory database for storing larger numbers of road sources, the selection of background concentration data, and modelling the effects of chemical reactions for NOx.

Day 1

The first day gives an introduction to ADMS-Roads and the atmospheric boundary layer.

  • Introduction to boundary-layer meteorology and pollution dispersion.
  • Introduction to the ADMS-Roads software.
  • Creating a base file containing a map with OS coordinates.
  • Setting up a modelling scenario in ADMS-Roads.
  • Modelling a single point source.
  • Modelling a single Road source.

Day 2

The second day extends the ideas introduced on day 1.

  • Choosing meteorology data—types of meteorological input.
  • Calculating short and long term calculations.
  • Modelling multiple sources and creating groups.
  • Modelling a small road network—current and future scenarios.
  • Case studies (optional):
    • Modelling chemistry effects.
    • Particulate emissions from buses.
  • Brief discussion of modelling studies, validation, input/output parameters, emission inventories, volume sources and future scenarios.
  • Discussion of any other issues.

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