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13 Dec 2022Chief Medical Officer's air pollution report features CERC modelling

Three of CERC's projects are featured in a recent report from the Chief Medical Officer for England. The 2022 annual report focusses on air pollution, discussing the effects of air pollution on health, reporting progress made in improving air quality over recent decades, and highlighting possibilities for achievable solutions for continuing improvement. It includes discussion of both outdoor and indoor air pollution and gives suggestions for future research. The outdoor air pollution modelling projects involving CERC described in the report are:

The CERC website gives additional information about CERC's research, including recent publications.


29 Nov 20222022 ADMS User Group Meetings – presentations are available to download

Following this year's ADMS User Group Meetings, which took place in Birmingham on 16-17 November, electronic copies of the presentations are now available to download from the CERC website User Area. Model users with a valid support contract, including all annual licence holders, are entitled to register for password-protected access to the User Area. To register, or to be reminded of your password, click here.

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31 Oct 2022Run Manager 5.0 released

CERC's model run management software has just been updated and licence holders will be able to download the new version from the User Area.

Run Manager centralises and schedules model runs company-wide to make the most of your CERC software licence(s). Any number of users can manage their own work via the Run Manager interface, allowing them to submit, monitor progress, view estimated completion times, and retrieve output from finished runs. Run Manager will schedule runs and, in typical set ups, distribute them over a number of dedicated licensed runs machines on your local network, freeing up you own PC for other work. We are always available to talk with users about optimising their model licensing with Run Manager. In summary, Run Manager

  • Manages runs for all users of ADMS 5, ADMS-Urban, ADMS-Roads and ADMS-Airport
  • Allows priority scheduling of runs
  • Accurately estimates run completion times
  • Manages and optimises licensing on Runs Machines

Version 5.0 includes the following updates:

  • Supports ADMS-Urban, ADMS-Roads & ADMS-Airport split runs
  • Easy model setup using model definition files supplied with each product
  • Upgrades your existing setup, keeping all model definitions and user-settings
  • Handles shut-down of Run Manager during run execution
  • Supports zipped output files greater than 4GB

We also offer bespoke run services, which can provide faster turnaround times using CERC's own computing resources. You may find this most useful for large split runs, such as those encountered with ADMS-Urban, or projects with tight deadlines.

For further information about Run Manager or our run services, please contact us.


17 Oct 2022Draft agendas now available for the ADMS User Group Meetings, 16-17 November 2022, Birmingham

There is still time to book your tickets for the 2022 ADMS User Group Meetings, which will be held at IET Birmingham: Austin Court on 16th and 17th November.

Tickets are available to order through Eventbrite until 23:30 on Tuesday 8th November. Organisations with a valid software support contract are entitled to one or more tickets free of charge depending on the type of licence held.


23 Sep 2022CERC to present research at the Harmo21 conference

CERC are presenting recent research studies at the upcoming 21st international Harmo conference (Harmo21), to be held in Aveiro, Portugal, from 27 to 30 September 2022. This conference series is part of an initiative aimed at harmonising dispersion modelling for regulatory purposes.

CERC's managing director, David Carruthers, will present key results from the Defra 2021 Air Quality Model Inter-Comparison Exercise, where CERC was tasked with assessing the capabilities of four air quality modelling systems in terms of their suitability for UK air quality compliance reporting.

Amy Stidworthy will present preliminary results from CERC's work using inverse modelling techniques and measurements to quantify the impact of COVID-19 restrictions on NOx emissions in London.

CERC also contributed to a third presentation at the conference, on FAIRMODE work comparing urban microscale models and methodologies for deriving annual pollutant concentration distribution with very high spatial resolution.

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