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Advanced screening tool for industrial emissions

Model input data

  • Uses either standard ADMS format meteorological files or on-screen meteorological input.
  • UK statistical met data suitable for screening modelling is available from CERC, and is free for ADMS-Screen users.
  • Includes the capability to model the effect on dispersion of a building in the vicinity of the stack.

Model output data

  • Both short term results (separate results for each meteorological condition) and long term results (statistics such as annual mean and percentile concentrations) can be calculated.
  • Short term results are calculated for a range of typical meteorological conditions. ADMS-Screen includes an integral line plotting facility to display the results.
  • Long term output can be produced for direct comparison with national and international air quality standards at the click of a button.
  • ADMS-Screen includes an integrated GIS tool called the ADMS Mapper for easy viewing and editing of input data and display of output such as concentration contours.
  • Also included is a link to Surfer to display contour plots of long term output. The output files are also formatted in such a way that users without Surfer can easily produce contour plots in Excel.
ADMS-Screen contour plot image

Example contour plot of ADMS-Screen output, created in Surfer.

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