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9 Jul 2015CERC carries out an air quality assessment for a proposed new section of 'Quietway'

CERC is working with A2 Environmental to assess the air quality impact of the A102(M) Embankment Scheme, a proposed new section of the Rochester Way 'Quietway' in Greenwich. The proposed scheme will join existing London Cycle Network (LCN+) routes together to provide a continuous walking and cycling route.

CERC is carrying out a qualitative air quality assessment for the scheme, in line with recent guidance from the Institute of Air Quality Management on Land-Use Planning & Development Control and the Assessment of Dust from Demolition and Construction.


1 Jul 2015MACC air quality forecast now available from CERC

The latest MACC air quality forecasts for the UK are now available from the CERC website. The map shows the forecast using the UK Daily Air Quality Index. The map shows pollution from four individual pollutants (nitrogen dioxide, ozone, and particulates PM10 and PM2.5) and an overall value, which is the highest DAQI value from any pollutant. Forecasts are available for four days ahead.

The UK MACC forecasts shown in the map are taken from the MACC Regional Ensemble system. MACC is an EU-funded collaborative project coordinated by the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) and operated by a consortium of 36 members from 13 countries. Data from MACC is freely available for anyone to use.

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29 Jun 2015CERC carries out air quality assessments for poultry-litter-fuelled boilers

CERC is working with Wiser Environment to assess the air quality impact of a series of planned poultry-litter-fuelled boilers on farms in the UK. The work follows last year's amendment of the EU animal by-products regulations to allow the use of poultry litter as a fuel. The assessments use ADMS 5 to calculate pollutant concentrations at residential and ecological receptors around the farms.

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19 Jun 2015ADMS User Group Meeting held in Beijing 2-3 June 2015

In partnership with the Laboratory of Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry (LAPC) of the Institute of Atmospheric Physics (IAP), CERC China held a two-day ADMS UGM in Beijing, on the 2-3rd June 2015. ADMS UGM was well attended by over 70 delegates across China.

Presentations included: ADMS's application in large environmental projects internationally; applications of ADMS-Airport to Beijing Capital international Airport; ADMS-Urban nested with regional models; modelling of tunnels and canyons and emergency release modelling.

David Carruthers, CERC's Director who presented at the UGM, commented: "CERC is very pleased to share with ADMS users in China our experiences and technical expertise, at a time when air pollution and urban smog is most relevant to people's daily life."

There are currently nearly 200 licence holders of the ADMS suite of models in China.

12 Jun 2015EMIT 3.4 released

A new version of EMIT is now available. EMIT is a simple, fast and comprehensive tool for compiling, editing and analysing emissions inventories. EMIT is invaluable in many situations, for example when carrying out emission calculations across large urban areas when dispersion modelling with ADMS-Urban, and when predicting the impact of Low Emission Zones on emissions of toxic pollutants and greenhouse gases.

The new features in EMIT 3.4 include:

  • Updated road traffic emission factors and fleet data based on the UK National Atmospheric Emissions Inventory 2014 and Defra's Emission Factor Toolkit version 6.0.
  • Source apportionment: quantifying the contributions from particular road vehicles, such as diesel cars, to emissions and concentrations (when used with ADMS-Urban). The apportionment is fully user-defined; for example emissions can be apportioned by EURO class or vehicle size.
  • Greatly improved speed: large calculations now take minutes rather than hours.

For more information about the new features please see the What's New in EMIT 3.4? guide. EMIT users with current support contracts will shortly receive the new version free of charge. Further information and prices can be found on our website.

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