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12 Jun 2015EMIT 3.4 released

A new version of EMIT is now available. EMIT is a simple, fast and comprehensive tool for compiling, editing and analysing emissions inventories. EMIT is invaluable in many situations, for example when carrying out emission calculations across large urban areas when dispersion modelling with ADMS-Urban, and when predicting the impact of Low Emission Zones on emissions of toxic pollutants and greenhouse gases.

The new features in EMIT 3.4 include:

  • Updated road traffic emission factors and fleet data based on the UK National Atmospheric Emissions Inventory 2014 and Defra's Emission Factor Toolkit version 6.0.
  • Source apportionment: quantifying the contributions from particular road vehicles, such as diesel cars, to emissions and concentrations (when used with ADMS-Urban). The apportionment is fully user-defined; for example emissions can be apportioned by EURO class or vehicle size.
  • Greatly improved speed: large calculations now take minutes rather than hours.

For more information about the new features please see the What's New in EMIT 3.4? guide. EMIT users with current support contracts will shortly receive the new version free of charge. Further information and prices can be found on our website.

8 Jun 2015ADMS 5.1 released

A new version of ADMS 5 (version 5.1) is now available.

ADMS 5 simulates a wide range of buoyant and passive releases of pollutants to the atmosphere, either individually or in combination. Applications include planning and permitting, stack height assessment, odour modelling, environmental impact assessments and safety planning.

The new features in ADMS 5.1 include:

  • A new ADMS Mapper, which can visualise terrain and roughness files alongside the source, output & buildings data; plot concentration & flow field output and visualise your data in 3D.
  • Import & export facility for source, group, building and pollutant data. Export files are easy to manipulate in Excel and allow for easy transfer between model set-ups including direct merging with existing APL files.
  • Quick manipulation of source group membership using right-click menus.
  • Refinement to the plume visibility algorithms.
  • The ability to run the calm conditions and complex terrain modules in the same run.
  • Extended time-varying emissions input allowing a different profile for each day of the week.
  • Post-processing options to generate new output covering a wide range of statistics without needing to re-run the model.

For more information about all the new features please see the What's New in ADMS 5.1? guide. ADMS 5 users with current support contracts will shortly receive the new version free of charge. Further information and prices can be found on our website.

9 Apr 2015CERC's Director appointed Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association Associate Editor

CERC's Managing and Technical Director, Dr David Carruthers, has been appointed the position of Associate Editor of the Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association. This international journal is one of the oldest peer-reviewed, technical environmental journals in the world, publishing policy-relevant air and waste management science and technology manuscripts.


27 Mar 2015airTEXT predicted last week's pollution episode three days in advance

Last Tuesday (17th March) saw levels of particulate pollution across London reach 'High' levels, according to the official UK Government definition. The airTEXT air quality forecasting system, operated by CERC, predicted this event three days in advance and as part of the Breathe Better Together campaign this triggered a cascade of alerts containing health advice to health professionals, interested organisations and individuals. The episode was caused by the combination of light easterly winds bringing pollution across from the Continent together with local high pressure conditions leading to the build up of locally generated pollution.


4 Feb 2015Breathe Better Together campaign promotes airTEXT alert service

On Friday 30th January Boris Johnson the Mayor of London launched "Breathe Better Together" - a campaign that aims to raise public awareness about air quality in London and promotes the airTEXT air quality alert service operated by CERC. The launch took place at Norbury Manor Primary School in Croydon. Amy Stidworthy from CERC represented airTEXT at the launch, together with the Croydon air quality team (pictured). The campaign is being led by a partnership between Camden, Croydon, Islington and City of London Councils and the GLA and is supported by funding from the EU through the Joaquin project.

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